A village where nobody would want to live

I live in a village named ‘Similarity’. The people who live here wear the same color of clothes, red and white. Actually these are the only two colors we know of. We have two animals, deer and cat. I also have a pet cat named whites as it is white in color. In my free time I play snakes and ladder as we have no other game. We grow potatoes outside our houses as we have no other food item, and we eat those potatoes!

One day when I was walking outside the house, I met a man who was wearing clothes of different color. I was surprised and asked him about it. He laughed and told me that this was only one color and there were many others. He took me to his village named ‘Diversity’.

I was astonished seeing his village. There were different variety of food, many colors, different types of animals, various festivals etc. Then I thought how boring my life was compared to the life of the man. That is why ‘Diversity’ is important.